Your ad-hoc Waterproofing Resource

- throughout the entire process


Failed Waterproofing
starts as
Small Unattended Questions


... the clever manager will position the Qualified Solution somewhere along the "Path of least resistance"

Why ?

Failed waterproofing projects are expensive, time-consuming, and stressful.
The good news is that if we approach the matter differently,
most failures are easy to avoid
Save money
Save time
Minimize complexity
Increase focus
Avoid the unpleasant domino effects


Like most other huge problems, waterproofing issues started as small overlooked questions - hence the time to correct solutions and choices is as early as possible.
Before deciding the final method
Before publishing the specifications
Before ordering the products
Before initiating the application


We live in a modern world with an effective Internet, making it possible to assist people almost everywhere on the planet. 30+ years in waterproofing has taught us what to look for - and people make the same mistakes in Stockholm, Sweden, as they do in Denver, Colorado
Internet, phone, or in person, email or video - it doesn't matter
We do single sessions
We offer memberships
No matter what - the timing is key
- you will be amazed
how much 20 minutes
can save you...
We aim to remove OverKill, UnderKill, and Negligence

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